New FCT rules for equivalent of foreigner degrees

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New FCT rules for equivalent of foreigner degrees

Mensagem por leili_khalatbari »

Fist of all sorry that I write in English, my Portuguese is not good enough.
I hope that I create this topic in the right place.

I want to discuss with you for a solution for equivalent for foreigner degrees.

I did my Bachelor in Iran and according to FCT new regulations, I have to do equivalent for my degree to be able to apply for FCT grants.
(Recognition of documents is another process which is need for documents issued in Europe).

For that I need to find a course with similar course syllabus to mine and if the course director accepts, then I can submit all my documents, pay between 200-430 Euros and wait between 2-3 months for the answer. (It is not guaranteed that they will do it for sure).

I spent several weeks for finding these courses, talking to registration offices, asking what documents they need and things like that. (You can try calling some to some of these offices and ask for information in English and see that it is almost impossible to find appropriate answers)

After spending lots of time and more than 200 Euros for official translation of course syllabus, I went to deliver my documents.

Then only there they told me that they need all documents stamped by the Embassy and also official translation of the thesis.

Now my problem is that In Iran, it is not possible to do a official translation of the thesis. And they don't accept it without all the stamps!

Do you have any idea how can I solve this problem?!

Other than this I think its not fare at all making it this hard for foreigner students, if they don't want to have students from abroad just say it very clear!
In this way they are just wasting our time, energy, money and effort.

I would appreciate any help from you.

And one more question, is it possible to protest against this FCT decision?!

Many thanks in advance.

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Re: New FCT rules for equivalent of foreigner degrees

Mensagem por Slavomira »

I have gone through a similar process and a friend of mine is still struggling with the same, and both of us are from European Union states ... I think that the request of entire thesis translation may be either an exaggeration or a bad translation. Do You have any webpage or a list od documents that You need to submit in portuguese? The information in portuguese may be slightly (but importantly) different than an English version. If there is not any mention of translation of the whole thesis, than it should be sufficient reason why not to submit it. I hope they meant the abstract of the thesis?
Good luck!!