Academic air travel versus sustainability !

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Academic air travel versus sustainability !

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Also interesting is the 200.000 planes in the air record mentioned in the link below ... -once.html
and since some say that by 2050 emissions from aviation could rise between 3-7 times no doubt it will in our life time that the number 1 million will be reached. As to the number of transported passegers it was around 400 million by 1974 and its 4.000 million now and for sure it will be more than 10.000 million soon. Instead of free miles shouldn´t we have plane tickets with progressive prices ? What about a maximum number of miles per person per year ? Or better yet a maximum of carbon footprint per person ?

De: F. Pacheco Torgal
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Assunto: April 22___Earth day or hypocrisy day ?

If our Planet only allows a certain level of "confort" to the nearly 10.000 millions who will live here in 2050 why the press (and so many in academia) avoid talking about it ? Are they so afraid to stigmatize those that live with much higher "confort" levels than the ones they are legitimately entitled ? How many years it will take so we start to look for those "confortable lifestyles has wrong and and illegitimate ? What is the maximum "comfort" level that each of us is entitled to?

PS- To make things worse it just so happens that today Nature reported that global warming is widening the chasm between rich countries and poor countries ... inequality