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 Assunto da Mensagem: the decadence of the society we live in
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Article below. Of course I do not think that Vice-Chancellors at universities should be payed like footballers or bankers (the reason not being lack of merit to deserve it) but the narrative of Jo Johnson, UK Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation is a very hypocrite one since he´s trying to use it as an excuse to show he worries on the “good” use of tax payers money. Mr. Jo Johnson even says that he asked universities to introduce remuneration codes that show ratios of top pay to median pay. That´s a funny suggestion in a country that has one of the highest CEOs pay/average workers pay ratio in the world. And even more from a Government that raised tuition fees so much that only the rich families can afford to pay for Ivy League universities. Concerning the bankers I think everybody knows how their expertise on corrupt practices and despite the world crisis that they have caused it seems they learned nothing As to footballers, well, how can I put it, competitive sports (Olympic included) is what brings us back to our cavemen past and prevent us to evolve towards enlightenment. The motto "citius, altius, fortius" is now anything but just a circus like advertisement . And in truth, sports are just a pawn big corporate use to keep the masses living in a virtual reality and buying stuff. That they still get to receive hundred of millions and are praise almost like semi-gods at the same time that Faculty pay is being frozen and even cut only shows the decadence of the society we live in. And also show us the long road ahead that our society still has to walk in order to evolve to a higher stage

UK universities face fines for excessive leadership pay

Oxford’s vice-chancellor is “simply in the wrong business” if she wants to be paid the same as footballers and bankers, the universities minister has said, as he urged sector leaders to exercise “greater restraint” in their salaries. Jo Johnson’s jibe — made during a speech to university managers on Thursday — indicates an intensifying stand-off between the government and universities over vice-chancellor pay, which averages £280,000 a year and typically rises each year by above-inflation increases.

Earlier this week, Prof Louise Richardson defended her £350,000 salary by suggesting that while she was well-remunerated compared with junior academics, her pay did not match that of some other professions. Mr Johnson has suggested that universities paying their bosses more than the prime minister’s salary of £150,000 will have to justify their “exceptional” remuneration to the regulator or face fines.

“It is of course true that many of our universities are large and complex organisations, requiring highly skilled individuals to run them effectively. Some will be competing for managerial talent in a global market,” he told his audience on Thursday. “But it is important to remember that universities are generally still charities with a not-for-profit public service mission and that, when it comes to vice-chancellor remuneration, finding the right benchmarks is essential,” he added. “I have heard in recent days one prominent vice-chancellor noting she was paid less than footballers or bankers. If university managers want those kinds of wages, they are simply in the wrong business.”

The minister also questioned whether university remuneration committees should be using the salaries of FTSE chief executive as a suitable comparison for those of vice-chancellors. “No FTSE-350 business enjoys the certainty that the higher education system benefits from in knowing that it has an uncapped flow of new customers coming to it each and every year, bearing £9,000 vouchers from the government,” he said.

“So that’s why, although universities rightly enjoy autonomy, government has a legitimate interest in questions around institutional efficiency, both in our role as stewards of the higher education system and as its most significant single funder.” In an effort to tackle the problem, Mr Johnson has proposed that universities publish details of all senior staff earning more than £100,000 a year, and announced that guidance will be issued on the role and independence of the remuneration committees that decide salaries.

He has also asked universities to introduce “remuneration codes” for senior staff, including ratios of top pay to median staff pay, and explanations of any salary increases that are larger than rises in average pay across the institution. All the proposed measures will be subject to consultation before final decisions are made.

However, the sector has consistently resisted criticisms over pay. At a conference this week, Prof Richardson hit back at “mendacious” press attacks, saying: “My own salary is £350,000. That’s a very high salary compared to our academics who I think are, junior academics especially, very lowly paid . . . [but] compared to a footballer, it looks very different, compared to a banker it looks very different. But actually, we operate, as I keep saying, in a global marketplace’.’ In an interview with the Financial Times, Janet Beer, the new head of the sector group Universities UK, also questioned why vice-chancellor pay was compared with the “arbitrary . . . nonsense” figure of the prime minister’s salary.

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