How much of the science produced in America can be trusted ?

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How much of the science produced in America can be trusted ?

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How can we be absolutely sure that science produced in America since Trump was elected was not previously spined by a conservative agenda to protect American political/economical interests ?

And what if conservative American scientists are less worried about the scientific true and more worried on the political/economical implications of their research ?

De: F. Pacheco Torgal
Enviado: 23 de Março de 2018 6:09
Assunto: Bloodsucking USA oligarchy

It seems that some did not understand my previous comments about Russia. They prefer to go along with the position of UK authorities, and with the hypocritical Boris Johnson, the same Boris Johson that said that the UK strategy for Brexit was to have the cake and eat it. But the truth is that the bloodsucking country which is run by a bloodsucking elite is not on this part of the world. The only country that so far tested atomic devices in civil population is the same that just select a well-known warmonger-in-chief as its new National Security Advisor ... ref=scroll

Its somehow understandable because that country cannot live without a war in order to be able to test military weapons on human targets. Of course, i do not make the mistake to put all Americans and this pitiful American government in the same trash bin. Because the problem of Americans is that they think they live in a democracy but the real truth is that they live in a country run by a bloodsucking oligarchy ... cs.doc.pdf

The first author of the paper above, Professor of Politics at Princeton University, also wrote an interesting book that shows a lot about USA and that so far received almost 2500 citations on Google scholar ... 0226293645
and he´s also the second author of a more recent book about the problems of USA ... 022650896X