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Guimarães é primeiro município português

Enviado: terça mai 07, 2019 6:21 am
por Torgal
Atento o conteúdo do email abaixo de Junho de 2017 é reconfortante constatar que passados 2 anos o município de Guimarães é primeiro município português a apresentar a Pegada Ecológica
Agora só fica a faltar a parte mais dificil que passa por cada um alterar os seus comportamentos mais poluidores, obrigação que adquire particular importância para os professores que ensinam e investigam na área da sustentabilidade.

De: F. Pacheco Torgal
Enviado: 2 de Janeiro de 2018 18:40
Assunto: Can a professor act in his private life in a opposite way to what he taught in his daily lectures ?

It is rather obvious that Universities cannot simply keep on preaching about the religion of sustainable development without put it in practice. Its also clear that the same should be done by professors, the high priests of that religion. If we accept that then so some questions are in order:

a) does it make any sense that a professor acts in his private life in a opposite way to what he taught in his daily lectures ?

b) it is possible or even acceptable to draw correlations between the private daily behaviour of a professor and the environmental consequences of his actions?

c) can we accept the conclusion of the philosopher Peter Singer when he say that a jeep driver in a Western country by contributing to a high level of emissions that lead to a sea level increase that ruin his crops and leads to a dissemination of tropical diseases may be responsible for the death of a Bangladeshi peasant ?

De: F. Pacheco Torgal
Enviado: 06 June 2017 06:21
Assunto: Trump and Paris climate agreement__"those who have never sinned cast the first stone"

Now that almost everyone are engaging on the sport of throwing stones at Mr. Trump, me included, it would be interesting to know which are the ones that can really cast stones at anyone. Below is a link to the WWF footprint calculator based on a 5 minute questionnaire with 24 questions: http://footprint.wwf.org.uk/ A more faster footprint calculator based on a reduced number of questions (below) is available at:

http://www.footprintnetwork.org/resourc ... alculator/ Take the test and check if you can really point the finger to Mr. Trump or for that matter to anyone else.

Those in Western countries that think they can carry on with their high consumption/high pollution way of living and just put the blame on the Trumps of this world should start finding a new narrative to ease their consciousness.

1- How often do you eat meat ?
2-How often do you eat fish ?
2-How often do you eat eggs, milk and dairy ?
3-How much of the food that you eat is grown or produced locally ?
4-What clothing, footwear and sporting goods do you buy each month?
5-How much do you spend per year on household furnishings and appliances ?
6-How much of your paper, cardboard and plastic waste do you recycle ?
7-How many people live in your household ?
8-What is the size of your home ?
9-Do you use energy saving lighting ?
10-What percentage of your home´s electricity comes from renewables sources ?
11-What do you typically spend per month on electricity for your home ?
12-What do you typically spend per month on natural gas for your home ?
13-How far do you travel by car each week ?
14-What is the fuel consumption of your car ?
15-How often do you drive in a car with someone else ?
16- How far do you travel by public transit each week
17-How many hours do you fly each year ?