"University Is a Ticking Time Bomb"

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"University Is a Ticking Time Bomb"

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https://www.chronicle.com/article/The-U ... tgrid_hp_6

at least in America

e: F. Pacheco Torgal
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Assunto: The non-tenured Faculty in the universities of the future

https://www.amazon.com/Professors-Gig-E ... 1421425335

"One of the most significant trends in American higher education over the last decade has
been the shift in faculty employment from tenured to contingent. Now upwards of 75% of
faculty jobs are non-tenure track; two decades ago that figure was 25%...."

Its amazing that this is happening at the same time that corporates like Apple find ways to pay a tax rate of 0.7% and that we hear the CEO of Google saying that "tax avoidance is just capitalism in action". This is the dream envisioned by some CEOs and their political puppets and exactly what the universities of the future do not need. Of course if someone had ask a CEO what should be the university of the future it would not be a surprise that he said tenure is not a priority in those universities. Just because the freedom of thougth associated to tenure as well as the responsability for challenging elected and unelected powers (Brownlee, 2014) are something that the corporate world would rather live without.

Back in 1911 the US Supreme court decided that the company of J.D. Rockfeller, Standard Oil was too big being guilty of monopolizing the oil industry and decide it must be broken into 34 independent competing companies. The funy is that many corporations are now much bigger than Standard Oil and worse than that in USA they now even have the same legal status as people https://www.amazon.com/Corporations-Are ... dpSrc=srch

De: F. Pacheco Torgal
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Assunto: USA is just a democracy captured by big money__ Robert Reich, Professor at UCBerkeley

"big money now calls the shots in Washington – obtaining subsidies, tax breaks, tax loopholes and bailouts"