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 Assunto da Mensagem: Fraud admission into top USA universities
 Mensagem Enviado: Quinta Mar 14, 2019 8:09 am 
cientista sempre presente
cientista sempre presente

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Sudenly the press is shouting scandal on the case above but that´s not much different from the the very well known USA legacy tradition that is responsible for almost 30% of Harvard admissions ! See email below of January 13 of 2018. Probably who knows best is Nobel Joseph Stiglitz that three months ago wrote "the hypocrisy of America’s claim to be a land of opportunity: Yes, anyone can get ahead, so long as they are born of rich, white parents"

De: F.Pacheco Torgal
Enviado: 14 de Janeiro de 2018 21:14
Assunto: Ivy League exquisite legacy tradition and the US aristocracy in the making

Some months ago Naomi Schaefer Riley, graduated from Harvard, journalist and former blogger for the Chronicle of Higher Education tried to justify the exquisite legacy tradition mentioned in the email below. ... y-students She wrote:

“The children in the U.S. who have the highest GPAs and SAT scores, who write smart essays and who have all sorts of interesting extracurricular activities on their resumes are also likely to be the children of graduates of elite institutions…Educated people are marrying educated people and having educated children…Private universities are not simply engines for remaking America’s social structure. They are businesses”

As an academic I find the argument pathetic but concernin,g the main money reason I can understand that some Colleagues like the ones in London School of Economics that were involved in the "Gaddafi affair" could relate. ... dafi_links
But fortunatly they don´t because business cannot justify everthing. Less alone monkey businesses in academia. Of course as an European with a very strong belief that Europe has an important role to play in the fate of this world (despite the unstoppable rise of China and India) I appreciate to know that US is from quite some time putting in place an aristocratic system in which only royal titles are missing. We also use to have that in Europe for a long long time. My own country use it during almost 800 years.

De: F. Pacheco Torgal
Enviado: 13 de Janeiro de 2018 19:50
Assunto: The tenure system and the price of ethics

My email of 31 of December below was just a poor telegraphic comment if compared to the powerful statement made by a professor at the University of Notre Dame and published in January 9 in the Chronicle of Higher Education. One of the dozens of comments made about it says it all "Yours is perhaps the most thoughtful and relevant article that I have read in the Chronicle in a decade". ... nd_right_a

Still my poor email and Prof. Smith interesting article share a common position concerning the nature of the tenure system. Be there as it may I must say that I strongly disagree on his comment about “third-tier universities”. An unfortunate comment that in my opinion diminishes the value of his important article. Especially because in US is possible to get into first-tier universities depending only on money or family status. The children of the Rich and Powerful alumni, ... 1400097975 the so called Legacy, that can reach as much as 30% in Harvard University ... egacy.html which is a reason why private first-tier US universities are also part of the problems of this world by reproducing social inequalities including of the racist type while putting a price on ethics. Because its rather obvious that they can´t keep the (ethic) cake and at the same time let the children of US aristocracy eat it.

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