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 Assunto da Mensagem: A Professor of Physics waiting to be murdered ?
 Mensagem Enviado: Domingo Jan 13, 2019 11:15 am 
cientista sempre presente
cientista sempre presente

Registado: Quarta Dez 09, 2015 8:17 am
Mensagens: 1002
Universidade/ Instituto: Minho
“Academic crime was made highly lucrative by HEC’s new conditions. Like drug gangs in Chicago, a medley of Cosa Nostra style families now controls much of Pakistani academia. Each mafia family boss is at least an associate professor, if not full professor. He has a defined territory, avoids fighting other bosses, and plays the patronage game expertly. Sometimes he has an underboss who supervises the factory labour, meaning PhD and MPhil students” ... rst-glance

I would not be very surprised if the fate of the Professor of Physics that wrote the words above is the same of the academic mentioned in the email below that was recently killed. I also have the impression that he have not read a famous article authored by a Lecturer of the King´s College London ... drug-gang/

De: F. Pacheco Torgal
Enviado: 31 de Dezembro de 2018 6:38
Assunto: Murder of dean who exposed fraud ... corruption

"Concern about corruption in South African higher education has mounted in the aftermath of the murder of a senior scholar who tried to blow the whistle on academic fraud... Professor Kamwendo may have been targeted after he uncovered how PhDs were being fraudulently awarded at Zululand, an 18,000-student institution on South Africa’s eastern coast…“ It’s very likely that corruption and the ‘patronage politics’ are so well established there that it is going to be difficult to fix those universities without starting again,”

Following the emails below one can say that Its seems there´s a world epidemic on academic fraud even in Western countries ! A possible solution to mitigate the problem could be to force PhD committees to include foreign experts, something that already take place in the universities of some countries.

De: F. Pacheco Torgal
Enviado: 6 de Novembro de 2018 8:01
Assunto: University thesis for sale ... ale-turkey ... on-system/

De: F. Pacheco Torgal
Enviado: 25 de Fevereiro de 2018 7:29
Assunto: Buying a PhD thesis or the "The infernal business of contract cheating"__International Journal for Educational Integrity ... 017-0024-3

De: F. Pacheco Torgal
Enviado: 20 de Janeiro de 2018 8:05
Assunto: When university Lecturers help students to´s just the economy working !

more than 20,000 students enrolled at British universities are paying up to £6,750 for bespoke essays in order to obtain degrees. The number of students using “essay mill” sites, which can charge over £6,500 for a PhD dissertation, has rocketed over the last five years. one large essay-writing company says that it has seen a 20 per cent increase in the number of UK customers in the past two years. ... o-you-need ... nts-cheat/

it is also very interesting that a 2017 proposed amendment bill that would have made it illegal to sell essays to the higher education didn’t pass.

If a first-world civilized country (the first world also have some uncivilized countries with high Gini indexes) cannot not pass such a bill what country can ?

Or can it be that the British politicians have anticipated that this bill could boost the essay mills companies in third world countries thus reducing university lecturers earnings ?

Other interesting questions are:
How many graduates are now on the market with fake degrees ?
How many scholars can be found in academia with fake degrees ?

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