Banking as organised crime

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Banking as organised crime

Mensagem por Torgal » quarta nov 14, 2018 12:47 pm

Probably the H2020 research project mentioned in the email below should be wise enough to consider banking as a branch of the organized crime. On this issue an interesting article was published today on the website "Social Europe" authored by a Germany deputy that has a PhD on Finance by the Universty of Freiburg. ... ck-control

“A gang of bankers and lawyers has plundered the treasuries of eleven European countries. The estimated damage from what is known until now: over 55 billion Euros are gone….

Still i do not agree with his proposals to solve the problem. The time for such weak and inefficient approaches has passed. As i suggested before my proposal is very simple. Europe needs to judge such crimes in the Hague court as crimes against Humanity. Since some countries like USA put the human value at 10 million than the 55 billion fraud mentioned above should have the same penalty as the homicide of 5500 people.

P.S - for those interested in knowing a little bit more about the country that rules in Europe please visit the Deutscher Bundestag Deputy page there you will find three types of deputies. Average deputies, Dr. type deputies and Prof. Dr deputies. It seems that in Germany having a PhD or being a university Professor merits an especial treatment.

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Assunto: Elsevier___"Swiss and Austrian elite fraudsters"

If as the literature shows (see email below) those with pathological personality traits are more likely to get to the top of the corporate world those is it make any sense to expect that they would then behave according to highly ethical standards instead of doing exactly the opposite as the LIBOR scandal as shown ?

A different issue is to find if the scientific community has been dedicated enough attention to this serious problem. A search in Scopus database using the terms: (fraud OR fraude OR frode OR betrug) in the title, abstract or key-words shows that only in the beginning of the 80s has scientists start to published at least one hundred publications per year and by now the fraud related publications represent 0.03% of the 70 million Scopus publications. Unfortunately, if we run a search for the term (fashion) with obtain ten times more publications. Meaning that in academia Vanitas rules over Gravitas.

We must then congratulate those that has been studying fraud issues like those two investigators (from Switzerland and UK) that authored the paper in attachment with the title: "Beyond the fraud triangle: Swiss and Austrian elite fraudsters".