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 Assunto da Mensagem: The 1 billion euro research project
 Mensagem Enviado: Sábado Set 15, 2018 6:07 am 
cientista sempre presente
cientista sempre presente

Registado: Quarta Dez 09, 2015 8:17 am
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Universidade/ Instituto: Minho
Science journalist Leonid Scheider just interviewed one of the Diretors of the Human Brain project. Below an interesting part that i collect of that interview:

"…neuroscientist Prof Wim Crusio commented in this regard:
“If I would have to evaluate as reviewer a research proposal aiming to simulate a Drosophila brain on a €1bn budget over 10 years, I’d nix them for being overly optimistic. If the aim were to simulate a mouse brain, I’d inquire as to what they had been smoking when they wrote that application and recommend they start taking their meds again. Simulating a human brain? Comparing that with simulating materials and such? I’m afraid I’d actually be left speechless, although probably rolling on the floor howling with laughter…“ ... in-amunts/

Also worth seeing ... in-project

Could those 1000 millions had been spent in a more useful way ?

De: F. Pacheco Torgal
Enviado: 14 de Setembro de 2018 6:23
Assunto: Scientists as sorcerer´s apprentices running into the next Pandora´s box.

Following the email below on 5G public health problems its somehow timely to remember that in the past curiosity-driven science has brought to life things like Vx, Sarin, Cyclosarin, Soman, Novichok, Tabun, Sulfur mustard, Nitrogen mustard, Lewisite, R-33, CS, CR, BZ some that the United Nations classified as weapon of mass destruction and that strangely were discovered by scientists at a Plant Protection firm.

One interesting thing is the fact that its so easy for scientists to find new things that have such destruction capacity and at the same time its so hard for them to find positive things like cheap renewable energy or the cure for cancer. The other thing concerns the fact that having panels of scientists approving scientists own agenda driven just by curiosity and very good intentions has stop to make sense along time ago. Meaning that its about time that prior to the approval of any research project (or at least projects in problematic areas) other evaluations should take place to prevent that in future they may stumble in another Pandora´s box.

In the end the problem is not so much science but those that work in the name of science but that are drive just by vanity, hubris and no doubt very good intentions !

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Índice do Fórum » Geral » Novidades, Notícias e Avisos

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