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 Assunto da Mensagem: Shooting practices and the American Oligarchy
 Mensagem Enviado: Domingo Ago 12, 2018 7:06 am 
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cientista sempre presente

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Some say that the US boycott on Iran is something terrible because it also targets companies of European countries that are doing business with Iran. I fail to see what´s the surprise because we must not forget that we are speaking of the country that nuked two Japanese cities. And if Japan had not surrender most probably they would continue to nuke more Japanese cities.

Still US citizens are not who´s to be blamed because the majority of US population did not vote for Trump and did not approve his monkey businesses. Let´s not forget that US citizens have bizarre manners. The most bizarre being their shooting practices. Americans use to shot hundreds of their own kids in a regular basis (in the last 30 years for every kid that died in a European school 17 were killed in USA schools) and the number is increasing. Americans even shoot their own Presidents still they never shot their billionaires. None (except John E. du Pont who died in prison) thus forgetting the memorable words of the American citizen who said that US can have billionaires or democracy but can´t have both.

The ones to be blamed are the bloodsucking US oligarchy, ... 0252082826 the same that Noam Chomsky termed as "the most dangerous organisation in human history".

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Índice do Fórum » Geral » Novidades, Notícias e Avisos

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