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 Assunto da Mensagem: EU Chief adviser Hermann Hauser
 Mensagem Enviado: Sexta Jun 15, 2018 6:43 am 
cientista sempre presente
cientista sempre presente

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Hermann Hauser, chief adviser for new EU tech talent-spotter, lays out the elements for making it a success

In my view 69 years old Hermann Hauser Austrian-born entrepreneur maybe have been a great innovator in his days but what i can tell for sure is that he has no crystal ball nor has he any guessing power. So the great advices of Hermann Hauser concerning the "elements for making EIC a success" are just good intentions at best. Nor to mention the fact that he has a tech vice that may have serve him well in the past but its no solution for the problems of the future that require a more holistic approach.

I especially like the part "The European gene pool is risk-averse, and it’s particularly hard with public money to go for high-risk solution".

In my opinion is not truth that European are risk-averse. The fact that Europeans are so bloodthirsty and whenever they can they start a war is the best proof of risk addiction not risk aversion. Of course we can become more risk addiction if we invite this little but famous entrepreneur that as European genes but US mental software to come to Europe to gives us some lessons because he surely has the killer instinct and better than anyone embodies the motto "be rich or die trying". This is a clear case of beware of what you wish for as it may happen that Europe will start to develop its own Martin Shkrellis. As to the part of "hard with public money to go for high-risk solution" also makes no sense at all. All we have to do is to call EIC as EIB-European Innovation Bank. Europeans love to put big Money on the high-risk banking business.

Of course some would say that as i did in March 1, email below, i´m just beating again in the European Innovation Council so maybe I´m just a Kainophobe.

A final comment and a question. Tax evasion in Europe is a trillion problem (in the world Oxfam mentioned 160.000 million euro of lost taxes) and recently the Europol Director said that crime is laundering billions through the banking system with a 99% sucess rate. What is more important for Europe to innovate on some fancy startups like the ones mention on this article or to innovate in order to solve this huge problem ?

De: F. Pacheco Torgal
Enviado: 1 de Março de 2018 17:20
Assunto: Technovation obssession or nothing better to do with 2.4 billion euro

"the European Court of Auditors, slammed the EIT for having very little to show for the EU’s European Innovation Council (EIC) from 2021 proposed by EU research commissioner Carlos Moedas, is expected to provide some of the same innovation services" ... sion-plans

Who told these technovation genius that the most pressing problem of the European Union is more hard science based technology ? When one enters on the European Institute of Innovation and reads about climate, digital, energy, health, raw materials, food one can´t stop having this strange feeling about the lack of awareness concerning the problems that are really tearing Europe apart. It almost seems that the kingdom of technovatocrats is upon us !

By the way how much is Brexit expect to cost the European Union ? Does 100 billion sounds a good deal ? ... ort-claims

Why haven´t the European technovatocrat tsars ever imagine on their wildest dreams that a 100 billion Brexit black hole could take place ? What does that say about their ability to predict what we will need in the future ?

Instead of just putting billions on hard sciences and technovatocratic dreams that in the end will have little to show wouldn´t it be better to put more money on soft science based programs to enhance the trust of citizens on the European Union ?

Europe needs not only hard science research (and already has a lot) but also soft science in order to cut tax evasion, reduce inequality, reduce poverty but more important to help build a new and more cohesive social structure with empathic and sustainable values

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