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 Assunto da Mensagem: The failed woman with lousy grades
 Mensagem Enviado: Quarta Jun 06, 2018 7:03 pm 
cientista sempre presente
cientista sempre presente

Registado: Quarta Dez 09, 2015 8:17 am
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I´m not only someone who have the bad habit of sending emails to more than 10.000 colleagues (and even others that are not on academia like for instance deputies on the European Parliament) but i also try to follow Singer´s advice (email below).

On this context, i take this opportunity to share a link, above, for a TEDx short video on the founder of one of those charities, Erika Abrams, who left Seattle two decades ago and went to Udaipur in Rajasthan, India. In the beginning of the video, she admits that when in college she had lousy grades and never enter graduate school still she was able to do what millions of graduates can´t by saving thousands of lives and by touching millions of people.

The first time I got in contact to the work of the charity that she found was through this very short video
on a very impressive dog medical condition that by now was already seen by dozens of millions. I´m proud of the fact that this week Erika Abrams found the time to exchange several emails with me. And since I told her that i recently trashed her home country calling for a boycott on it I promised her that as a compensation i would advertise her important work to my mailing list.

De: F. Pacheco Torgal
Enviado: 8 de Maio de 2018 21:07
Assunto: "The life you can save" and the drowning child experiment

The dangerous men mentioned in the email below, Bioethics Professor at Pricenton University beyond his disruptive book "Animal Liberation" also fund the charity "The life you can save" the reason for that can be found in here
of course its easy to visit the link but its less easy to accept his challenge of donating 1% of income to charities. Be there as it may more than 19.000 already accept that challenge

De: F. Pacheco Torgal
Enviado: 20 de Abril de 2018 6:42
Assunto: "The most dangerous man in the world"

The fact that the movie in the link above was most praised by the philosopher Peter Singer says little about it because this that "The New Yorker" termed as "The dangerous philosopher" ... hilosopher
is the very same that The Guardian called "the most dangerous man in the world". Just because he wrote that the interests of the human specie, the top predator on the food pyramid can no longer worth much more than the ones of the other species.

Last year New Zealand parliament voted to give legal personhood to a river and in India a court extended legal personhood to 2 rivers and the glaciers that feed them ... hemselves/

If these actions make sense from a legal point is not the real issue. The relevant part is that not only these actions are crucial in a context of rampant environmental degradation. See for instance the paper just published on Nature

But also because the time has come for this discussion to take place because it would make little sense 60 years ago, when the book "Animal liberation" (1975) had not seen the ligth, the very same that so far received around 6000 citations on scholar Google, less alone the photo "Blue Marble" (1972) definitive proof of Earth´s fragility or even the crucial book "Silent Spring" (1962) that many consider one of the crucial events that made a major contribution to the explosion of the ecology movement.

De: F. Pacheco Torgal
Enviado: 23 de Janeiro de 2018 20:10
Assunto: How many people can live on Earth?

10 years ago the physicist Martin Desvaux deliver a talk to the Royal Society of Statisticians that he later turn into a paper published in "Significance", a journal of the Royal Statistical Society. The title of the paper is "The sustainability of human populations: How many people can live on Earth?" in the end of it we wrote:

“It is not sufficient to try to apply technology to solve the, affluence term in the Commoner-Ehrlich equation. Humans will not willingly sacrifice much of their comfortable lifestyles for the greater good (especially for people in other countries) unless it is taken from them...”

Although very pessimistic this narrative has many advantages, the more important concerns the fact that it points the finger to everyone of us. And only in the moment that we were able to realize that technology will not bring miracle solutions that´s the moment that each one has to do is own part to solve this paramount problem. Higher education has a strong responsibility on this context not only by teaching about self-responsibility but also about the ethical importance of moderate consumption patterns. Of course Governments in Western countries have also major responsibilities in sending the right signals to certain industries. And they should already been after the auto racing industry the same way that they do with the tobacco industry. Not so much because of their associated emissions but mostly because it is an unwarrantable industry that embodies the "comfortable lifestyles" and all the wrong values that Western countries live by.

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