Pouco recomendável e até bastante perigoso
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Autor:  Torgal [ Segunda Abr 16, 2018 7:50 am ]
Assunto da Mensagem:  Pouco recomendável e até bastante perigoso

Sobre aquele conhecido e tribal modo de vida acerca do qual escreveu recentemente o historiador Rui Tavares, abaixo, é interessante constatar que há pouco tempo começaram a aparecer na imprensa anúncios pagos pela Liga Nós em que conhecidos Portugueses dizem maravilhas do referido.

Um dos mais recentes diz respeito ao septuagenário João Lagos, que na sua juventude esteve quase a fazer carreira no mesmo antes de se virar para outra arte. Os anúncios são um primor em termos de branqueamento, pintando o referido jogo em contextos idílicos de pureza quase virginal mas que na verdade nada tem que ver com a realidade que foi comentada nos emails abaixo, quase fazendo lembrar os antigos anúncios relativos à publicidade ao tabaco cujo consumo chegou inclusive a ser publicitado nos EUA, até 1953, através de anúncios onde participavam médicos, vide artigo de título "The Doctors’ Choice Is America’s Choice: The Physician in US Cigarette Advertisements, 1930–1953"

Mas em vez de conseguirem reabilitar a péssima imagem do tal jogo os referidos anúncios mais parecem um evidente sinal de desespero. Não sendo futurólogo não me espantaria que daqui a algumas poucas décadas o tal jogo da bola fosse visto da mesma forma que hoje se olha para o consumo de tabaco. Pouco recomendável e até bastante perigoso se consumido em doses excessivas.

De: F. Pacheco Torgal
Enviado: 11 de Abril de 2018 13:01
Assunto: A tríade negra

Hoje o historiador Rui Tavares escreve no Público sobre clubismo, tribalismo e nacionalismo.

Porque há coisas que são por demais evidentes como se escreveu abaixo em Março e Fevereiro deste ano. Resta somente saber por quanto mais tempo é que a academia irá continuar a pactuar, por omissão de rejeição, com essa tríade negra ?

De: F. Pacheco Torgal
Enviado: 11 de Março de 2018 9:50
Assunto: A divided Academia between naivety and blindness

Still following the emails below and the replies on them that I received in February of a few (very very few 0.01%) number of Colleagues I can´t stop thinking that those (and other silent ones) still have a naive idea about the nature of competitive sports like soccer. Unfortunately, the time of fair play sport ended long time ago. Today competitive soccer is just the place in which corruption goes hand in hand with hate mongering helping the rise of far right extremism

It almost seems that not much has changed in soccer after the Heysel tragedy. Yes its true there are less dead on arrival-DOA. In my own country fans of top soccer clubs have bizarre chanting "traditions" hoping for the death of adversaries an even mocking about real dead cases that took place in soccer stadiums.

And the most strange is that some colleagues in Academia (here and abroad) also share that " irrational devotion" for soccer. The idea of an academic behaving like a territorial male is so disgusting that cannot even be rationalized. In the several unwritten offenses that Academia should watch on their Faculty (that fall out of the rule of law) hate mongering seems to be one of the worst kind. Not only because it´s incompatible with the Academic mission but also because it borders terrorism, something that has absolutely no place in a type 1 civilization.

De: F. Pacheco Torgal
Enviado: 15 de Fevereiro de 2018 8:05
Assunto: Another relic of the XX century that academia does not need

Competitive sports are just a die hard relic of the XX century but the most bizarre thing is that Universities fell in temptation to please a rising sport market and as a consequence sport performance has even become a science worth university status.

Competitive sports are just something that comes from a past of survival, of competition to the death, of winners and losers, of us versus them. Of race improvement and eugenics. Of males fighting each other in order to be able to mate with many females as possible to pass their "superior" genes. That´s a narrative that we do not need in the 21 century. Even Olympic games make no sense in the 21 century because the heroes (the role models) of this century ought to be those that help Humanity to solve their many and worrying problems not those that spend thousands of hours training in or order to be the human that runs faster, jumps higher or that throws a heavy object to a longer distance. That´s nothing more than a meaningless and unsustainable waste of resources.

To make things even worse let´s not to forget that for instance sports teams in the Universities in US have a long record of scandals including forging the grades of thousands of students, match fixing, you name it. And the recent Nassar scandal is a very good example of how a university reputation can be tainted for such connections. The simple fact that highly competitive sports are now more and more associated to the doping industry and the multimillion rising match fixing would be reason enough for universities to avoid such dark area.

If the work of the intellectuals is to transform the unthinkable into plausible it would be a great achievement if academia were able to convince society about how highly competitive sports keep us imprisoned to our tribal past thus preventing the advancement of Humanity towards the type 1 civilization that we need and hope to become.

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