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 Assunto da Mensagem: Pedophilia 100 times less important to science than fashion!
 Mensagem Enviado: Terça Mar 06, 2018 3:27 pm 
cientista sempre presente
cientista sempre presente

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Below the link for the website of the "Group of Countries against Corruption-GRECO" established in 1999 by the Council of Europe.

In my view Europe will need more than a feeble GRECO to tackle big corruption. Robbing a country and putting millions living in misery must be treated as a very serious crime. Most likely Europe will need even special courts and special laws that can treat big corruption at the same level or even at a higher level than terrorism. And science must also try to help this important societal problem. For instance its not understandable that scientists in the field of computer programming and software development do not see online pedophilia crimes as a very important research issue. Unfortunately, a lot of software development scientists prefer to dedicate their efforts on online games !

Of course some would say that I just mentioned pedophilia crimes only because of the recent France event in which a 9 year old child of a Portuguese family was cut in pieces by a white military Frenchmen

But the real truth is that Scopus has almost 70 million publications and the publications with "pedophilia" represent 0.002% of the overall publications. But if we search the publications related to software game development we get 0.02%. Meaning that for the science community pedophilia is 10 times less important than software games. Even more bizarre Scopus publications related to "fashion" are around 100 times higher than pedophilia related publications. Does this makes any sense whatsoever or its just me that find this hard to understand ?

De: F. Pacheco Torgal
Enviado: 3 de Março de 2018 9:31
Assunto: A critique on the moonshot research mission concerning satellites to curtail deaths in Mediterranean

In the second email below of February 22 concerning moonshot missions I criticized the proposal of the expert hired by the European Comission concerning the development of new satellites to reduce the number of immigrants deaths in the Mediterranean. Back then I wrote:

"Its rather obvious that it does not matter very much what high tech satellites we develop because African immigrants will keep on trying to cross the Mediterranean as long as their countries go rotten by corrupt dictators"

In a previous email of October 30 of 2017 concerning a Editorial published on Nature I recalled the warning of Nobel winning Angus Deaton about the fact that a great part of the money sent as aid by the West to corrupt regimes does not help the poor people in those countries and only helps to strengthen those regimes.

Even in best case scenario (zero corruption) we were able to demonstrate with no shadow of a doubt that all the aid money reach those who really need that´s not a sustainable solution because of the increasing tech gap between rich and poor countries. A OECD report for the Danish Government on megatrends and technology trends in the context of future research policy (Lundvall, 2017) shows that the most promising technologies will lead to an increase of inequality.

Meaning that innovative ways must be found so Western countries can help poor countries. A simple suggestion was made in that email (in attachment) but another interesting and importante one will require the European Union to use its power to make the life of those corrupt dictators miserable. I believe that only with such initiatives can the European Comission regain the trust of European citizens.

Since 2002 that Europe has an international court (ICC) to "prosecute individuals for the international crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes". Could it be possible to enlarge the action of the ICC to include vicious state corruption or could we have a especial court only for that ?

Some could say that i´m exaggerating the importance of corruption by putting it at the same level of genocide and war crimes. Unfortunately, the fact that in the last six month two journalists were murdered even in Europe (in Malta and in Slovakia) that were investigating corruption cases shows that international corruption is a severe problem and Europe cannot afford to take this issue lightly manner.

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