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 Assunto da Mensagem: Are Ashkenazi Jews the smartest race on the planet ?
 Mensagem Enviado: Sábado Mar 03, 2018 7:38 am 
cientista sempre presente
cientista sempre presente

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One would expect that this is precisely the kind of question that any academic would see as absolutely useless and void. Still and as per a Guardian article published yesterday, It seems that the quest about whose the most intelligent race is worrying a lot of people.

The article published in the Guardian features Ashkenazi Jews as especially Intelligent. And in fact if someone googles the terms Ashkenazi Intelligence we find very odd things including a Youtube video entitled "Ashkenazi Jews-The smartest race". I can only conclude that intelligence is an obsession for many !

For me its a very bizarre thing that "intelligence" has been given such divine like status. It almost seems that "intelligent" people have done marvellous things for humankind. Hitler and Stalin were very intelligent and with the exception of some lunatics nobody is interested to see such intelligence in action anytime soon. Mr. Madoff that for so long fool intelligent people was also very intelligent and the US bank CEOs that gave us the 2008 subprime economic world related crisis were not less intelligent. But the world would have been much better off if they all have been born with impaired mental capacity. History has shown that intelligent men can be as destructive as ignorant men. In fact what history really have shown us is that never an ignorant civilization in the past commited such atrocities has was done by very intelligent people in the XX century.

I see as of much more interest the quest for altruistic behaviour because being altruistic is an evolution towards a type I civilization contrary to the business as usual competitive reptilian brain heritage (email below).

Also this quest to find who´s the smartest race of the smartest human is especially stupid if we consider that no human intelligence is a match for artificial intelligence. The only field where humans can beat machines is in creativity and emotions. So what we must cherish are creative and emotional humans not just intelligent ones.

Interesting however is the fact that the ones that are trying to bring to life such idiotic intelligence race divides all come from US. A country that lately keeps on sending the world signs of having enter a decadence new phase.

De: F. Pacheco Torgal
Enviado: 15 de Fevereiro de 2018 8:05
Assunto: Another relic of the XX century that academia does not need

Competitive sports are just a die hard relic of the XX century but the most bizarre thing is that Universities fell in temptation to please a rising sport market and as a consequence sport performance has even become a science worth university status.

Competitive sports are just something that comes from a past of survival, of competition to the death, of winners and losers, of us versus them. Of race improvement and eugenics. Of males fighting each other in order to be able to mate with many females as possible to pass their "superior" genes. That´s a narrative that we do not need in the 21 century. Even Olympic games make no sense in the 21 century because the heroes (the role models) of this century ought to be those that help Humanity to solve their many and worrying problems not those that spend thousands of hours training in or order to be the human that runs faster, jumps higher or that throws a heavy object to a longer distance. That´s nothing more than a meaningless and unsustainable waste of resources.

To make things even worse let´s not to forget that for instance sports teams in the Universities in US have a long record of scandals including forging the grades of thousands of students, match fixing, you name it. And the recent Nassar scandal is a very good example of how a university reputation can be tainted for such connections. The simple fact that highly competitive sports are now more and more associated to the doping industry and the multimillion rising match fixing would be reason enough for universities to avoid such dark area.

If the work of the intellectuals is to transform the unthinkable into plausible it would be a great achievement if academia were able to convince society about how highly competitive sports keep us imprisoned to our tribal past thus preventing the advancement of Humanity towards the type 1 civilization that we need and hope to become.

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