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 Assunto da Mensagem: Bizarre PhD mentoring practices
 Mensagem Enviado: Quinta Jan 04, 2018 7:25 am 
cientista sempre presente
cientista sempre presente

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Below the link for a short Editorial reporting bizarre PhD mentoring practices:
“A colleague told me that one of his collaborators (since retired) had regularly ordered his PhD students to fetch lunch, coffee, and even pick up his kids….

Those follow the same pattern already commented on the email below

De: F. Pacheco Torgal
Enviado: 27 de Outubro de 2018 6:09
Assunto: Gregori Perelman__The rigth Faculty of Academia in the 21st century ?

The fact that no University was able to give Gregori Perelman the suitable environment so he could feel at home instead of saying publicly that he regrets the low ethical standards of his area shows how current Academia are just anachronic structures. Of course some would say how can someone that most of the time refuses to talk to anyone can give lectures and teach students ? Well why should he ? It is the universities of past centuries that focused on the lecturing business and on teaching students how to make a living. That´s not the business of Academia in the 21st century and even less on a type 1 civilization. Of course its truth there are not enough Perlmans to create just one academy, not even a single school but that should not prevent us to build a different type of Academia, the one that cherish a different kind of scholar, without management expertise, even without eloquence or rethoric skills and certainly without an excellency record on "the slave trade" of young researchers (Ioannidis, 2016), forcing them to be "reachable on weekends, rarely taking vacations, and participating in evening meetings that would sometimes go until midnight" (Vogel, 2017) as it happens in highly competitive Universities.

No wonder then that like it happens in competitive sports some Faculty have also engage on drug use.
This surely does not look like the rigth Faculty for an Academia in the 21st century

De: F. Pacheco Torgal
Enviado: 10 de Outubro de 2017 6:38
Assunto: Mental heath problems and Prima Donnas in academia

A paper authored by a group of researchers from Belgium, Italy, Netherlands and China published in the journal Research Policy discloses results from a study conducted over 2600 PhD students concluding that one-in-two experience psychological distress and that one-in-three are at risk of experiencing a psychiatric disorder, either over the short or long-term ... 3317300422

They say that supervisors who fail to inspire PhD students are one of the reasons for such mental conditions. Still they seem to have forgotten to study the influence of a different kind of supervisor, the ones that not only lack any mentor ability but that are even experts in the humiliation business

Of course is true that such Prima Donnas are not the only who must be accountable because its rather obvious that those who were forged and encouraged to pursue such wining agenda have little empathy and little or no patience at all to worry about the mental health problems of the weakest links of the teams they lead. It is those that led universities to pursue corporate like profitable agendas and who forgot that in the business of making money there are only place for winners and that all the rest, the losers, are just a side effect that bear equal responsibility in this problem. Just because a society that rely in universities that live by the tribal motto only VICTORY matters (only champions are to be awarded) is a sick and futureless one. In the article in which Alice Dreger wrote about the need to reverse the commercial drive of academia. But she failed to mention that universities must also change to be a harsh environment for Prima Donnas, including even those proudly owners of research factories that lead highly profitable research lines and whose ambition and personal characteristics are more appropriate to the private sector. Universities must change to welcome the mentally restless, to give peace of mind to all the Stefan Grim´s, Will Moore´s, Francis Dolan´s and to all the anonymous suicidal academics, to those that were unable to stand the pressure they were put by the Wilkins proxies of this world whose name forever will be in the wall of shame of academic wrong doings and cowardice.

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