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 Assunto da Mensagem: Having and eating the ethic cake at the same time
 Mensagem Enviado: Sábado Jan 13, 2018 7:25 am 
cientista sempre presente
cientista sempre presente

Registado: Quarta Dez 09, 2015 8:17 am
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Universidade/ Instituto: Minho
My email of 31 of December below was just a poor telegraphic comment if compared to the powerful statement made by a professor at the University of Notre Dame and published in January 9 in the Chronicle of Higher Education. One of the dozens of comments about it says it all "Yours is perhaps the most thoughtful and relevant article that I have read in the Chronicle in a decade".

Still my poor email and Prof. Smith interesting article share a common position concerning the tenure system. On it he wrote: "Bullshit is a tenure system that provides guaranteed lifetime employment to faculty who are lousy teachers and inactive scholars, not because they espouse unpopular viewpoints that need the protection of "academic freedom," but only because years ago they somehow were granted tenure".
Be there as it may I must say that I disagree on his comment about “third-tier universities”. An unfortunate comment that in my opinion diminishes the value of his important article. Especially because in US is possible to get into first-tier universities depending only on money or family status. The children of the Rich and Powerful alumni the so called Legacy, that can reach to as much as around 30% in Harvard University which is a reason why private first-tier US universities are also part of the problems of this world by reproducing social inequalities including of the racist type while putting a price on ethics. Because its rather obvious that you can´t keep the (ethic) cake and at the same time let the children of US aristocracy eat it.

On Sun, Dec 31, 2017 at 8:17 AM, F. Pacheco Torgalwrote:
To All the several thousand that have been bothered by my emails i wish that in 2018 they do not forget of the words of Thomas Docherty concerning the "war on for the future of the university worldwide" and Academics will not be able to win this war without fighting in it. In my humble opinion the core business of University is not knowledge production and sure is not patent production as it is mention in the report of the High Level Group on maximising impact of EU Research and Innovation Programmes, also know has the Lamy report, just because corporate are much more efficient on that. And is not also passive knowledge teaching either. The core business of university is ethics. Not passive ethics but courageous ethics. Unfortunately, the problem is that Academia has too many experts on research misconduct as well as too many cowards.
What´s the value for society of a university whose research cannot even be trusted ?
What´s the point of having tenured if one has never really make any use of it not even once?
If tenured Professors are not courageous enough to speak their minds who will ?

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